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Privacy Statement

We have to protect your personal information, pay close attention. If this is to ask, e-mail, etc., will be deemed to have agreed to the following Privacy Policy.

Range of personal information

Personal information about the personal information”. Information contained in the name, date of birth, email address, address, telephone number, fax number, and can identify the date of the individual’s personal information.

Collection of personal information

When you use some of the services you might name, email address, I can collect personal information, such as addresses. This information, according to the collected all used for the following purposes will be lawful and fair way to collect.

Use of Personal Information

In order to provide the desired operation of your order has been our project
New products such as guidance, provide information that may be useful and necessary to our customers
The company needed to business execution, confirmation, and improve service to collect the views of inquiry
The appropriate kind of inquiry

Information disclosure and personal information to third parties Disclaimer

In the vision, I received a customer quotation, except in the case of personal information on the following cases falling, it will not be disclosed to any third party.

If you have your consent
Under the law, if it is required to disclose the relevant agencies
For these reasons, when it is revealed in one country, can not identify you
If you want to entrust the handling of personal information to the necessary scope of business operations

Joint use of personal data

Vision, there is such a case, the customer‘s personal information within the necessary range of subcontractors, disclosure, etc. ..
Disclosure of subcontractors, etc., your name will trust companies to provide services, such as products, to inform the destination to your side.
For secure management of personal information

About your personal information management, vision, establish a management representative, and the corresponding management. We will endeavor to prevent personal information leaks to the outside.

Due to personal information, destruction, tampering unauthorized access of these dangerous leaks, note that you can not take responsibility in our company.

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